TRADEMARK Registration:

Full name and address of Applicant.

Specification of goods or services specified in terms of individual names.

Class; International Class of goods and services defined under NICE classification.

Mark-character, device, figure, three-dimensional mark, logo and/or color.

Prior use is not required to file an application.
Details of Convention Priority, if any- first filed country, filing number and date; the term of priority is six (6) months.

Power of Attorney (neither notarization nor consular legalization required) to be executed by an individual or a representative of a corporation.

Certified copy of the application which is the basis of the Convention priority (if applicable) may be filed within three (3) months from the Pakistani filing date.

A clear print of the mark or 10 prints of color mark (not larger than 7cm x 7cm)


A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services produced or provided by one person or company from those of others.

Trademark services:
1. Searching.
2. Registration.
3. Infringement claims.
4. Opposition to registration.
5. Past Journals.
Why Register Trademark?
Registering trademark is important, to safe guard and to gain exclusive rights for commerce and marketing of your product or services while preventing others from using your name or mark for same/ different products or services.
Types of Trademark:
There are several types of Trademarks depending upon their use and functionality, but all have the same goal. These are; Service marks, Collective marks, Textile marks & Certification marks.
1. Service marks:
Service marks are only used by those companies or individuals who provide services only and not in business of manufacturing goods.
2. Collective marks:
Collective marks are owned by an association whose members use them to indicate products with a certain level of quality and who agree to adhere to specific requirements set by the association. Such associations might represent, for example, accountants, engineers or architects.
3. Textile marks:
Textile marks are used for distinguishing textile goods and is separate from collective mark or certification mark, any combination of numerals or letters or both may be registered in this category.
4. Certification mark:
A certification mark shall be a mark indicating that the goods or services in connection with which it is used are certified by the proprietor of the mark in respect of origin, mode of manufacture of goods or performance of services, quality, accuracy or other characteristics. (In short a stamp or seal of certification).
Scope of trademark:
Trademark provides territorial protection against infringement, which means a Trademark registered in Pakistan is only protected in Pakistan and not outside of Pakistan. Similarly Trademark not registered in Pakistan, but registered outside of Pakistan is not protected in Pakistan.