Copyright Registration:


Name, address and nationality of the Application

Nature of the Applicant’s interest in the copyright of the work.


Description of the work.

Title of the work.

Power of Attorney (neither notarization nor consular legalization required) to be executed by an individual or a representative of a corporation

Four copies of the work


Copyright laws grant authors, artists and other creators’ protection for their literary and artistic creations, generally referred to as “Works”. Works covered by copyright include, but are not limited to: novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspapers, advertisements, computer programs, databases, films, musical compositions, choreography, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, architecture, maps and technical drawings.

Copyright services:

  • 1. Registration.
  • 2. Infringement claims.
  • 3. Opposition to registration.


What kinds of inventions can be patented?

An invention must, in general, fulfill the following conditions to be protected by a patent. It must be of practical use; it must show an element of “novelty”. The invention must show an “inventive step” that could not be deduced by a person with average knowledge of the technical field. Its subject matter must be accepted as “patentable” under law.

Why Copyright Register:

Registering Copyrights have many benefits; it’s an essential factor in encouragement of human creativity, ingenuity and innovation. By placing restrictions on one’s work others are encouraged to produce their own original work. While at the same time gives recognition to the author or creator of the work, so they may benefit from their work financially, aesthetically and socially.

Scope of Copyright:

Copyrights are territorial rights, which means protected only in the country in which it is registered. While the registering party holds exclusive rights over a copyrighted work there are transferring, assignment and licensing methods by which the author of the original work can authorize the reproduction of his work in any form printing, recording or adaptation in any form.